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7 Tips To Help You Choose a Resume Writer

    You need to be very careful when choosing a resume writing service.


    Because any hack company can put up a sign that says they write resumes. Worse, there are lots of companies that farm the work out overseas.

    What they do is send your information to India. Or Taiwan. Or they send it someplace to be written by people with little command of the English language.

    Of course not all inexpensive resume companies do this. Some have the work done in-house, but in the end they deliver nothing more than a prettier format of your current resume.

    Anyway, here's how the industry works and what you should look for when selecting a resume writing service.

    1. Unless you think you are like everyone else, avoid the resume factories.

    One way to identify a resume "factory" is by their prices. No one can make any money in this business charging much less than $150 per resume - unless they have a production line setup.

    Factories often use templates. So unless you're comfortable with a generic resume, you'll have to find someone who will take the time to understand what differentiates you from the typical job candidate.

    2. Analyze the resume company's web site

    If the company can't organize their web site so you can navigagte it easily, how can you expect them to write you a clear consise resume?

    But be forwarned - just because the company has a clean, attractive web site doesn't mean you'll get a good resume. There are many resume companies out there with nice, sharp web sites that don't produce good work.

    3. Check out the company's writing process - and above all make sure you get to speak to someone.

    A good resume can't be written just from a questionnaire. Any good resume company will insist on speaking with you.

    This is the only way they can ask you insightful questions that highlight skills and achievements you have that will impress a prospective employer.

    Always keep this in mind: If the resume company you go to doesn't interview you, then their writers are probably not strong enough to have an intelligent conversation with you.

    Do you want someone who can't speak intelligently with you writing your resume?

    The best resume writing firms will use both a questionnaire and a phone interview. The questionnaire will jog your memory and make you think a bit about things that you haven't thought about in a while.

    In fact, a face-to-face (or phone) interview helps prepare you for the big job interview. That's why any high level executive worth his or her salt will insist on a questionnaire and a phone interview.

    There's no reason you shouldn't be able to get the same high-quality treatment from the company or person writing your resume.

    4. Make sure you get a free resume evaluation

    If the company you go to doesn't offer one, then they're probably too weak to provide a good critique. Either that or they rely on high volume (and are probably a resume "factory").

    And you know what that means...

    Another thing to watch for is whether they call you for an evaluation or send you an e-mail evaluation instead.

    E-mail evaluations are usually nothing more than standard templates with a few words changed. A lot of factory resume companies are notorious for e-mailing a lengthy, well-written evaluation that's practically all canned with just a couple of sentences added. A really good resume company is not afraid to talk to you so that they understand your needs with maximum clarity.

    5. When you call the company, do you get to speak to a resume writer - or a sales person?

    If you're forced to speak to a sales person, then the company he or she works for is probably a resume "factory" that does big volume and uses "cookie-cutter" templates.

    6. Is there a guarantee?

    A good service will stand behind their work and offer to revise your resume for free if you're unhappy with it.

    Bottom line: You'll want to choose a resume writing service that offers a no-nonsense guarantee.

    7. How much will the resume cost you?

    Yes, the price is important but not as important as getting a resume that works. The difference between a mediocre resume and a great one can be as little as $100 - the cost of a night on the town.

    Don't forget, your new resume is one of the most important career documents you'll ever have. So it makes sense to spend what it takes to get one that works.

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