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Testimonials for Doug Fogel Resume Writing

Marieshka Barton, Sebastopol, CA

Christian Kallen, Healdsburg, CA

Tom Saffold, Healdsburg, CA

Jenny Helman, Healdsburg, CA

    I have used Doug Fogel for writing my resume and updates several times.

    1st I would say is the format is outstanding easy to read and very focused on the specific job I was search. 2nd it did only days to achieve what I was looking for and then once my resume' was posted the interviews and the offers came in. I am so pleased with the efficiency that I received and how easy is was to get done.

    I would recommend him to anyone in need of this service.

    Michael J O'Loughlin, Sr. Santa Rosa, CA

    Doug -

    This is AMAZING! I can't believe what you were able to do with the bits and pieces of scrap paper I gave you!

    Ann Ludwig, Oakland, CA

    Hi Doug, Beautifully done! Thanks for your incredible efficiency!

    Nancy Codding, Santa Rosa, CA

    Hi Doug,

    Thanks very much for my revised resume. It looks great. I will now start getting it sent out. It has been great dealing with you.

    Regards, Jacobus van Lelyveld, Guernville, CA

    OH MY GOSH!!! Doug, I LOVE this!

    I never thought to do it in this format - and it is fabulous, esp. because I want to go after management/executive jobs since newspapers are dying. Yet it speaks to my journalistic abilities also.


    I will keep you posted! Mary Jane Skala, Chagrin Falls, OH

    Hi Doug!

    I hope you are well!!! Guess what! I got a job! They just hired me Wednesday and I start teaching Monday.

    So, needless to say I am pretty happy about this....Simple low stress decent paying work that gets me honing in my teaching skills!

    Well, I just wanted to let you know because you helped me with the resume and I am so happy! Thank you Doug for your help with my major life transition! I am on my way to changing my career to better match my true nature!

    I'll be in touch. Let me know how you are.

    Shelly Armstrong, Guernville, CA

    Hi Doug,

    You made up my resume a few years ago. I love it and have had great success with it. I am wondering if you are still doing resumes? My 19 year old son needs one done. His would be quite simple but I would love if you could make a nice one for him?.

    Thanks, Christina Trimble, Healdsburg, CA


    THANKS SO MUCH , WISH ME LUCK Cathy Dooves, Santa Rosa, CA

    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for all the nice work you put into my resume. I really like it.

    Bud Clark, Petaluma, CA

    After Doug completes your resume, you'll be amazed at how good you'll feel about yourself, indeed, armed with new thoughts about your accomplishments, that you can impart to a prospective employer.

    Kurt Knoble, Cleveland, OH

    I like the changes and was able to incorporate almost all of them!!!!

    You are great at what you do!

    I know that making these changes makes my resume way better. When I was doint it I thought wow, this is going to catch their eye for sure and doing my core strenghts was actually fun.

    Peace, Jasmine Saad, Sebastopool CA

    I did well in both interviews and I'm happy I'm getting to the interview stage now!

    I started to send in the resumes that you prepared for me I have had two interviews. Both were excellent positions.

    One I was the final candidate

    Joshua Leone, Guerneville, CA

    I have my 3rd interview this Friday with the big boss, but received a call Thursday from the Northern Ca area manager and they want to see me sooner. So all looks good!

    Valerie Lafferty, Cotati, CA

    I am not sure if you remember me or not, but you helped me with my resume and cover letter for a position I applied for in my district.

    I have good news. I got the job. During the paper screening part of the process, I received lots of positive feedback on my application materials. I just thought you'd like to know.

    Thank you again for all of your help in the process. I will definitely refer others to your service.

    Jennie Snyder, Santa Rosa, CA

    Hi Doug,
    I have been remiss at not thanking you for the good job you did, working with me, to provide the final results of my resume and cover letter. I have started working with my new Company this week.

    Thanks again, Greg Mackie, Petaluma, CA

    I just wanted to thank you. After you left my daughters house on Thursday she felt so good and she felt so confident about the future and was hopeful that see had something to offer an employer.

    She had no self confidence before she talked to you. So thank you again for making Corinne feel confident and happy.

    Have a good day,

    Wendy Campbell, Santa Rosa, CA

    Wow - thanks for getting to this so quick! I just stepped away to do the dishes, and voila, here it is.

    Thanks, Doug! And thanks for the words of encouragement - I really appreciate your objective perspective :-)

    Barbara Oldershaw, Santa Rosa, CA

    Morning Doug,

    Just read the resume. I have never felt my jaw go slack before..

    It makes a very strong statement.


    Tom Happ, Santa Rosa, CA

    You're amazing! I'm so pleased with the work you've done for me, and I absolutely enjoy getting to know you. Thank you!
    And, thank you so much for helping me with my LinkedIn page.

    Kindly, Marieshka Barton, Sebastopol, CA

    I am a RN that is completing her Masters Degree and I was in need of a resume and I didn't know where to begin. So, I opened up the yellow pages and I just happened to fall upon Doug's advertisement.

    He is very professional, easy to work with; he listens to what you need and he is worth every penny.

    Ann LaRocca, Santa Rosa, CA

    Hi Doug,
    Thank you soo MUCH, I am very satisified by your writing and attention to detail of the resume you have written for me."

    Ernie Saville, Santa Rosa CA

    Thanks again for the awesome resume. People are impressed with it.


    Dorje Cunn, San Francisco, CA

    this is amazing! you are worth every penny and more!!! I will write you a recommendation on linkedin
    thank you so much!

    Marlene McGee, Santa Rosa CA

    THANKS A MILLION DOUG! I appreciate this SO much, you have no idea.

    I want to get in Hopkins SOOOO bad. And man, this resume writing business is tough!

    I promise when I am a big shot nurse and bringing in the big bucks, I wont forget you and how YOU helped make it all possible.

    Jessica Del Bono, Santa Cruz, CA

    Questions? Call me at 707-327-6709

    Doug Fogel and Associates
    2770 Stony Point Road, Suite G
    Santa Rosa, CA 95407